How to sort Array List using Custom Order

On many occasions we need to sort an array list or linked list based on custom logic. Suppose you have a Quiz application and you want to return questions based on a custom question id.

e.g Request : ids = [ 88, 21, 43, 15, 64, 35 ]

When you will fetch the Questions from Database you will be using a query something like below

select * from question where id in (?)

This will give you questions ordered by id by default. So to covert it in same order as requested order you can use

// ids = [ 88, 21, 43, 15, 64, 35 ]  
// questions = new ArrayList<Question>();   
Collections.sort(questions, new Comparator<Question>() {  
     public int compare(QuestionDto q1, QuestionDto q2) {  
         // compare based on the index of id in list **ids  
         return ids.indexOf(q1.getId()) - ids.indexOf(q2.getId());  

The above code will give you questions in order of ids requested.