Points to Remember

  1. You need to run this code with Java 1.9
  2. ProcessHandle.of(Long processId) method will return an object of Optional<ProcessHandle>.
  3. Optional is a class introduced in java 8 which is a container object which may or may not contain a non-null value. It has methods boolean isPresent() which returns true if a value is present else returns false. T get() method returns the object if present or else throws NoSuchElementException.

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Get Process Information from Process Id

If we have the process id of a process, then we can get the information about the process as shown in the following code.

import java.io.IOException;
import java.lang.ProcessHandle;
import java.lang.Process;

* @author ekiras

public class DestroyProcess {

public static void main(String[] args) throws InterruptedException {
try {
ProcessHandle processHandle = startProcess("tail -F /dev/null").toHandle();
} catch (IOException e) {

public static void printProcessInfo(ProcessHandle processHandle){
System.out.println("---Process Info---");
System.out.println(" Process Id :: " + processHandle.getPid());
System.out.println(" Process isAlive() :: " + processHandle.isAlive());
System.out.println(" Process children :: " + processHandle.children().count());
System.out.println(" Process supportsNormalTermination() :: " + processHandle.supportsNormalTermination());
System.out.println(" Process Info :: " + processHandle.info().toString());


public static void destroyProcess(ProcessHandle process) throws IllegalStateException{
System.out.println("Going to destroy Process with id :: " + process.getPid());

public static Process startProcess(String command) throws IOException {
System.out.println("Start Process :");
Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime();
Process process = runtime.exec(command);
return process;


We have a process running with the process id 678. Read How to start a new Process. When we run the above code with a valid process id it will result in the following output.

> java GetProcessById 678
---Process Info---
Process Id :: 678
Process isAlive() :: true
Process children :: 0
Process supportsNormalTermination() :: true
Process Info :: [user: Optional[root], cmd: /usr/bin/tail, args: [-f, /dev/null], startTime: Optional[2016-11-14T08:36:02.310Z], totalTime: Optional[PT0S]]

When we run the above code with an invalid process id, we will get the following output.

>  java GetProcessById 6785
No process found by Process Id :: 6785