Apple is one of the best selling brands across the world. Some of the trending products of Apple in the year 2015 are.

Apple Watch

Some of the key features of the watch are 
  1. Stainless Steel case
  2. Sapphire crystal
  3. Ceramic back
  4. Heart Rate sensor, Accelerometer and gyroscope
  5. Requires iphone 5+ for operation.

Why to buy Apple watch 

The Apple Watch is coming in six different versions: there's the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition. And each of these comes in two sizes, for those that like a larger or smaller device for their wrist.

Its neither a male watch nor a female watch. Both men and women can waer this watch and flaunt the looks equally matched with the latest fashion.

The good integration of the Heart rate sensor and Accelerometer makes it a very good for all those health freaks. Apple watch comes with the inbuilt workout application.
During a dedicated cardio session, Apple Watch shows real-time stats such as time, distance, calories, pace, and speed.

Other in built applications of Apple watch are

  • Messages
  • Calls
  • Mail
  • Calender
  • Maps
  • Music
  • Stocks
  • Stopwatch, timer and alarm
Built-in Apple apps, on the other hand, work far more smoothly. Maps allows for quick navigation and turn-by-turn directions that work well in tandem with the iPhone while paired to my car's Bluetooth audio: when driving, my wrist tapped and pinged to indicate left and right turns in advance of exit announcements, and quick glances always showed me the next turn, plus how far away it was.

Apple iPhone 6

Some of the key features of iphone 6 are

  • Quality customer service
  • Impressive hardware
  • Highly durable
  • 4.7 inch screen that is big but not not too big
  • 8 MP and 1.2 MP cameras that are too impressive as compared to other phones in segment
  • Awesome audio quality
  • Cool color to choose from
As always with Apple’s phones the iPhone 6 has superb balance, it feels right in the hand regardless of orientation. The comfy edges are also a lot easier on the palm than the sharper ones on the iPhone 5S and the 6.9mm thickness makes it feel sleek yet strong.

See the Apple Phone here and choose the best that suits your needs.