Points To Remember

  • Add the plugin Csv Grails plugin .
  • You can do it manually without the plugin if the you have a uniform structure of the csv file.

Upload a Csv 

You need to add the dependency for the csv file reader in BUildConfig.groovy as shown below
compile ":csv:0.3.1"
And you have a csv file like the following.

<g:uploadForm action="upload">
<input type="file" name="file">
<g:submitButton name="file" value="Upload"/>
When the above form is submitted then the request will be handled by the controller action as shown below

def upload() {
MultipartFile file = request.getFile( 'file' )
file.inputStream.eachCsvLine { row ->
String name = row[1] ?: "NA";
String email = row[2] ?: "NA";

// Business Logic here
Now you can do your business logic in the space provided.