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When we have to calculate the average of some groups of different things, having different number of elements is being calculated, then it is called the weighted average.

If the number of elements in n different groups be N1,N2,N3 .. Nn and their respective averages be A1,A2,A3...An ,

then Weighted average = $\frac{\mathbb{N}_1\cdot A_1+\mathbb{N}_2\cdot A_2+\mathbb{N}_3\cdot A_3...\mathbb{N}_n\cdot A_n}{\mathbb{N}_1+\mathbb{N}_2+\mathbb{N}_3...\mathbb{N}_n}$N1·A1+N2·A2+N3·A3...Nn·AnN1+N2+N3...Nn