Concepts Examples

If a number x divides another number y completely then x is a divisor of y. If x is a prime number then x is called the prime factor of number x.

e.g 1,2,3,6 are the factors of 6 and 2,3 are the prime factors of 6.

If any composite number N which can be expressed as N=$a^x\cdot b^y\cdot c^z...$ax·by·cz... , where a,b,c are the prime numbers and x,y,z are the powers of a,b,c respectively and so on. then the number of factors of N =(x+1)×(y+1)×(z+1)...

e.g Find the number of factors of 24


∴ number of factors of 24 = (3+1)(1+1) = 8