What is Spring Roo ?
Spring Roo is a spring productivity tool that simply reduces the pain of a developer by doing all the configuration related stuff for a project. Spring Roo does not require any extra knowledge  expect java. Roo makes it fast and easy to build full Java applications in minutes.

Why Use Spring Roo ?
Following are the points why we should use Spring Roo.
  • Higher Productivity - We can get started with the java project just in minutes and the roo follows the best practice standard methods to create the application for us
  • Stock Standard Java - Roo works perfectly with all the versions of java from Java 5.0 and above. So you need not to upgrade your java versions. Roo works perfectly with projects for Spring, JSP's ,  JPA like Hibernate etc. So working with Roo will be very easy and familiar for a developer.
  • Usable and Learnable - 
  • No Engineering Tradeoffs - Roo is not a part of Production code, hence Roo in no way can have any trade-off effects on the code. It will neither effect the uptime of the application nor it will comsume CPU time or any sort of emory.
  • Easy Roo Removal -   Since Roo is not a part of the runtime code. Thus in any case, if you want to get rid of roo, you can do that without changing anything from the production code. It can also be removed with few easy steps.
Points To Remember
  • Spring Roo is not a runtime. It means that it is not involved in anyway in the production code, no classes, no annotations, no dependencies.
  • Roo is not an IDE plugin. You can access the Roo in the roo terminal.
  • Roo is not an annotation processing library.
  • Roo works perfetly with java 5.0+.
Getting Started.
Installing and Getting started with Spring Roo