Spring Boot

Spring Boot Setup

  1. How to run a Spring Boot application using Maven or Gradle build tool.
  2. Spring Boot Single Page Java Application.
  3. Spring Boot Single Page Groovy Application.
  4. Spring Boot Gradle MVC CRUD project using Mysql.
  5. Spring Boot Maven MVC CRUD project using Mysql.
  6. Spring Boot Gradle MVC CRUD project using MongoDb.
  7. Spring Boot Gradle REST project setup using Mysql.
  8. Spring Boot Gradle REST project setup using MongoDb.
  9. Spring Boot Spring Security setup.
  10. Spring Boot RabbitMq setup.
  11. Spring Boot Kafka Setup.
  12. Spring Boot Hazelcast Setup.
  13. Spring Boot send email using Java Mail Api.
  14. Spring Boot create Jar of files using Gradle task.


Profiles, Environments and Properties and Configurations

Exception Handling

  1. Controller Level Exception Handling.
  2. @ControllerAdvice Annotation.
  3. Global Exception Handling.

Filters and Interceptors

  1. How to create and Register a filter in Spring Boot.
  2. Create a bootstrap class to run before server is up and running.
  3. How to register a Filter in the  Filter Chain.
  4. How to define Filter Order in Filter Chain.
  5. Spring Boot making Custom Interceptor.
  6. Spring Boot making Custom Listener.


  1. How to allow CORS's ajax calls to application.
  2. How to allow Custom Headers in COR's ajax calls.


  1. How to do internationalization of messages for Rest Application.
  2. How to do internationalization of messages for MVC Application.

Spring Data Binding