Tomcat : How to start Tomcat as a service on Windows 7,8,10

Step 1 : Download and Extract tomcat

Download tomcat from the link in .zip format. Once download is complete extract the tomcat in the location you want, preferably C:\Tomcat\.
Tomcat extract

Step 2 : Install Tomcat as a Service

Go to the tomcat directory C:\Tomcat\bin. in the address bar write cmd. This will open the command prompt window.
Tomcat extract

Now in the command prompt window type the command

service.bat install <Service -Name>

Here <Service-Name> can be any name that you want to assign to your Service.

Tomcat extract

When you run this command you will see the following output.

Tomcat extract

Check the installed Service

Now, lets see if the service is created or not. For this open Services . It will give the following screen.

Tomcat extract

Configure Service to Run at Startup

We can make the service to run on windows startup, for this, open the Service setting by double click on the service. It will open the following screen

Tomcat extract

From the dropdown Startup type select Automatic . This will start the service when Windows starts/boots.

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