How to convert the Base of a Decimal Number in Java

Points To Remember

You can convert the number from decimal to any base by dividing the number by the base till the number is either 0 or less than the base it self and counting the remainders in a reverse order.

Program : Convert the base of a Decimal Number

import java.util.Scanner;

class ConvertBase{

 public static void main(String args[]){
   Scanner sc = new Scanner(;

   System.out.println("Enter the Original NUmber");
   int originalNumber = sc.nextInt();

   System.out.println("Enter the base for conversion");
   int base = sc.nextInt();

   String convertedNumber = new ConvertBase().convert(originalNumber,base);   

   System.out.println("Original Number  = "+originalNumber);
   System.out.println("Converted NUmber = "+convertedNumber);

 public String convert(int original, int base){
   String number = "";
   String converted ="";

   while(original != 0){
     int digit = original % base;
     original /= base;
     number += digit; 
   for(int itr=number.length()-1;itr>=0; itr--)
    converted += number.charAt(itr);
   return converted;

The above program will give the following output
Enter the Original NUmber
Enter the base for conversion
Original Number  = 45
Converted NUmber = 140
You can convert a decimal number to any base with this code.

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